Aloevera Soap
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1 piece

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Coconut Oil & Aloevera.


Aloe vera soap (Dhrit Kumari Sabun) is a gentle, moisturising soap that contains aloe vera gel, a natural ingredient known for its healing and soothing properties. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitive or dry skin. The soap is typically made by blending aloe vera gel with a mild soap base, such as coconut oil. Aloe vera soap may also contain other natural ingredients, such as essential oils or herbs, to provide additional skin benefits and a pleasant scent.


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Bemetera, Chhattisgarh
Born and brought up in Raipur, Mr. Kalpesh Veru completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Post Diploma in Pollution control engineering. He worked at the industries for two years. After working closely with the industries, he realised that the industries work against the principles of h...

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