Bansi Wheat
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1 kg

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Product Description :

Bansi Wheat (Bansi Gehu) is a high-quality variety of wheat, known for its fine texture and nutritional value. It is commonly used in the preparation of various wheat-based dishes, including roti (Indian unleavened flatbread), chapati, and various baked goods. Bansi Wheat is prized for its versatility in the kitchen, offering a staple ingredient that is both delicious and nutritious, making it a popular choice for many households and culinary applications.

Health Benefits :

Bansi Wheat is nutrient-rich and offers health benefits, including improved digestion, sustained energy, weight management, heart, health, blood sugar control, and antioxidant support.


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Nagpur, Maharashtra
Having lived in an environment with people of different age groups, culture and creed for a while, Mr. Hemant & Mrs. Swati experienced a sense of wholesomeness within. Being able to communicate and establish a solid, counting on each other sort of a relationship with people from various parts...

Produced by :

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Mandar Deshpande
Aamgaon, Maharashtra
Meet Mandar Deshpande, a visionary organic farmer with an unconventional journey. Initially, a mechanical engineer, he chose to pursue a more meaningful life. For the past 12 years, Mandar has dedicated himself to organic farming in a backward village within Selu Tehsil, near Wardha. Drawing from his engineering background, he built an eco-friendly mud-house, showcasing his commitment to sustainable practices. Leading by example, Mandar firmly believes in living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and his efforts have inspired many around him. Recently married to Nivedita, a like-minded woman with a background in empowering women in villages, they form a formidable duo, working together to promote eco-consciousness and rural empowerment. In addition to his commitment to organic farming and his recent marriage, Mandar Deshpande shares a close bond with his parents, who are an integral part of his life. They live together in the eco-friendly mud-house he built, fostering a warm and supportive family environment. Mandar's parents have been instrumental in shaping his values and beliefs, instilling in him a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community. Their shared vision for sustainable living has brought them even closer, making their household a hub of eco-conscious practices and a source of inspiration for others in the village.

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