Beginner's Skin & Haircare Combo
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In a world of never ending skin care trends ….Where does one get started? With Waanya, begin your skin care journey by creating a self care ritual you are proud of. With ingredients borrowed from ancient ayurvedic scriptures incorporated with the best of modern science, we have put together a basket of 6 effective yet easy to use products. Covering the basics of body care, face care, lip care & hair care; Waanya’s BEGINER’s COMBO aims to deliver a wholesome & luxurious experience.


  1. Brahmi Amla Bhringadi Tailam: Scalp & Hair Oil (Tel).
  2. Udvartan: Total Body Scrub & Cleanser.
  3. Mukh Lepa: Clarifying Clay Mask For Face.
  4. Ubtan Soap bar (Sabun).
  5. Aloe Mint Lip Butter (Lip Balm).
  6. Suryamukh face cream sample.


  1. For Body:
    • cleanses and exfoliates for smooth & soft skin.
    • Improves overall blood circulation.
  2. For Face:
    • Relives uneven tanning.
    • Gently scrubs and tightens the skin.
    • Adds glow, hydrates and moisturises.
  3. For Lips:
    • Hydrates, nourishes and plumps lips.
  4. For Hair:
    • Reduces Hair loss & Thinning.
    • Improves hair texture & strenght.
    • Relaxes the mind and relives stress.

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Achhoti, Chhatishgarh
Connect with Priyal Goyal, along with her parents and hard working group of four sahilogis she has come up with Waanya Ayurveda a brand that uses pure ingredients to create effective products. Much like how you focus on what you intake to keep your body healthy and going, it is equally important ...

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