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The Grand Hi-Tea Box
“Divyam”, meaning “divine”, offers a curated hi- tea experience. Sip on the refreshing Moringa- Tulsi Herbal Tea, sweetened with Forest Honey or Gud Shakkar. Enjoy the cool Gulaab Sherbet, the crunchy Multi-Millet Chiwada, and Handmade Cookies. Finish with the warmth of aromatic Cloves. Every item in ‘Divyam’ elevates your tea-time to a special moment.


Moringa-Tulsi Herbal Tea (15g), Forest Honey (220g), Gud Shakkar (100g), Gulaab Sherbet (250ml), Multi-Millet Chiwada (100g), Handmade Cookies (100g), Cloves (20g), Strainer, Shisham Spoon.

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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
‘VikalpAahar’ was established in 2017. They are a group of like mindedyoungsters united with the aim of enriching the society by providing nutritious raw materials. With an aim to uplift producers and ensure farmers get right value for their produce VikalpAahar supplies organic oil, cereals, grai...

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