Gulab Sharbat
₹ 375.00 

500 ml

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Rose Sharbat (Gulab Sharbat)
• Benefits in :-
o Keeps your body cool in the piercing heat of summers.
o Aids in regularizing heartbeat.
o Keeps your skin and hair healthy.
o Improves quality of sleep.
o Cures excessive thirst, heartburn, guilt, depression, instability of the mind, burning sensation & itching in the urine.
o Burning sensation in the eyes and redness.
o Useful in indigestion Hyperacidity & fever.
o Helps in strengthening the heart.

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Brought to you by :

Sardarshahr, Rajasthan
GVM Sardarshahr founded in 1950 commenced some Swalambhan activities whereby it is involved in production of various products such as chyawanprash, A2 desi ghee, Desi khand, Gur and many ayurvedic medicine etc with 100 percent purity.

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