Natural Holi Gulaal
₹ 410.00 

150 gm each

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Our natural handcrafted holi colours (Gulaal) have maize starch as its base. Maize starch us mixed with plant based ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, lime, natural essential oils of fruits and flowers. They are safe for skin and environment and easy to clean.

Pastel Orange: Haldi, lime, corn starch and natural essential oil of sweet orange.
Pastel Pink : Fresh beetroot juice, corn starch, essential oil of lavender.
Pastel Yellow : Haldi, corn starch and natural essential oil of Turmeric.


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Sabarkantha, Gujarat
We have been living in a rural area in Gujarat from past three years now. The motivation for such life choice is that we want to be as close to nature as we can and understand deeper truths of life and existence. We started creating handmade natural products after the birth of our daughter 2 and ...

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