Organic Flavoured Jaggery
₹ 100 

1 kg

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Product Description :

Indulge in the delightful flavours of our Organic Flavoured Jaggery (Jaivik Gud). Made from pure organic sugarcane juice, our jaggery is infused with natural flavours to create a unique taste experience. From cardamom and ginger to vanilla and cinnamon, our premium flavoured jaggery adds a touch of sophistication to your sweet creations.

Health Benefits :

Organic Flavored Jaggery not only offers delectable taste but also health benefits. It retains the nutritional properties of traditional jaggery, including essential minerals like iron and calcium. Jaggery aids digestion, boosts immunity, and provides sustained energy. Enjoy the delightful flavors of organic flavored jaggery while reaping its nourishing advantages.


Facilitated by :

Nagpur, Maharashtra
Having lived in an environment with people of different age groups, culture and creed for a while, Mr. Hemant & Mrs. Swati experienced a sense of wholesomeness within. Being able to communicate and establish a solid, counting on each other sort of a relationship with people from various parts...

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