Pink Salt
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1 kg

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2 kg

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Product Description :

Experience the delicate flavour and beautiful hue of our Organic Pink Salt (Sendha Namak). Mined from ancient salt deposits, our pink salt is unrefined and free from additives. With its distinct taste and stunning appearance, our premium organic pink salt adds a touch of elegance to your culinary creations and enhances the flavours of your dishes.

Health Benefits :

Organic Pink Salt offers a range of health benefits. It contains essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are vital for maintaining proper bodily functions. Pink salt also aids in electrolyte balance, supports hydration, and promotes healthy pH levels. Incorporate organic pink salt into your cooking for a flavorful and nourishing addition to your meals.


Facilitated by :

Nagpur, Maharashtra
Having lived in an environment with people of different age groups, culture and creed for a while, Mr. Hemant & Mrs. Swati experienced a sense of wholesomeness within. Being able to communicate and establish a solid, counting on each other sort of a relationship with people from various parts...

Produced by :

Ashwini Aurangabadkar
I am, Ashwini Aurangabadkar, a former Chartered Accountant turned passionate organic farmer, epitomizes dedication to the land. Alongside cultivating an array of grains and vegetables, she nurtures indigenous cow breeds, fostering a harmonious ecosystem. Her commitment extends to crafting value-added products and dairy items. A dynamic advocate for organic farming in Vidarbha, she is an encyclopedic resource on plants, trees, and organic methodologies. Ashwini's journey is an ode to sustainable agriculture, enriching both the soil and the community while epitomizing the essence of knowledge-driven cultivation.

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