Udvartan Body Cleanser
₹ 180.00 

150 gm

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Multani mitti, Chandan, Haridra, Tulsi, Neem, Badam, Manjistha, Kapoor kachri, Lodhra, Vacha, Arjun ki chaal, Anantmool.


According to the sage Vagabhata, massaging the body with a soft fragrant powder mitigates kapha dosha, liquifies fat, makes the skin compact and brings it an excellent glow. Based on this ideology, WAANYA’s UDVARTANA is a complete body cleanser and exfoliator to bring a sense of lustre and luminosity to your skin.


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Achhoti, Chhatishgarh
Connect with Priyal Goyal, along with her parents and hard working group of four sahilogis she has come up with Waanya Ayurveda a brand that uses pure ingredients to create effective products. Much like how you focus on what you intake to keep your body healthy and going, it is equally important ...

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