Sarv Jwar Har Churn
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10 gm

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This simple formulation consisting of herbs used in everyday food. It is useful in all kind of fevers including typhoid, acute cough & bacterial  viral infections, respiratory tract infections and loss of appetite. It is also helpful in boosting immunity and general body health. This formulation is from an 800 year old family tradition of Shri A. Nagraj (Propounder Madhyasth Darshan, Sah-astitvavaad). The tradition is being kept alive by Vaidya Sharda Sharma (Amba Didi) and Mr. Sadhan Bhattacharya. This medicine has been made with consent from them.


  1. 1.5 gm per day when consumed regularly for general immunity or if exposed to contamination
  2. 1.5 gm twice daily for 3 days for general immunity at the time of a pandemic
  3. 1.5 – 7 gm per day in case of cough, cold, fever, infection, loss of appetite or other similar diseases.

Dosage may be higher for colder climates.

Method of consumption:
1. With honey, warm water, milk or tea
2. Add as seasoning to warm food, salads or desserts
3. Boil water, add powder after removing from heat and keep covered for 15 min. This decoction can be made once a day and consumed throughout the day. Avoid reheating.

Please consult your physician

Contra Indication: Patients with ulcer, nose bleeding, severe acidity or other pitta disorder
should consume after consulting their physician


1. Shonth – 15.3%
2. Kali mirch – 15.3%
3. Pippali – 15.3%
4. Laung – 7.6%
5. Chhoti elaichi – 7.6%
6. Badi elaichi – 7.6%
7. Jaiphal – 7.6%
8. Javitri – 7.6%
9. Dalchini – 7.6%
10. Tulsi – 7.6%

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Brought to you by :

Sardarshahr, Rajasthan
GVM Sardarshahr founded in 1950 commenced some Swalambhan activities whereby it is involved in production of various products such as chyawanprash, A2 desi ghee, Desi khand, Gur and many ayurvedic medicine etc with 100 percent purity.

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