Sesame Oil
₹ 400 

1 ltr

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Product Description :

Indulge in the rich aroma and distinctive flavour of our  Sesame Oil (Til tel). Cold-pressed from sesame seeds, our oil is pure and unrefined. With its nutty and slightly sweet taste, our premium organic sesame oil is perfect for enhancing stir-fries, dressings, and marinades, adding a delightful touch to your culinary creations.

Health Benefits :

Sesame Oil offers a multitude of health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, which promote heart health and help reduce inflammation. Sesame oil also contains vitamins and minerals that support bone health, boost immunity, and nourish the skin. Incorporate organic sesame oil into your diet for its delicious taste and remarkable health benefits.


Facilitated by :

Nagpur, Maharashtra
Having lived in an environment with people of different age groups, culture and creed for a while, Mr. Hemant & Mrs. Swati experienced a sense of wholesomeness within. Being able to communicate and establish a solid, counting on each other sort of a relationship with people from various parts...

Produced by :

Harshal Awachat
Harshal Awachat, once a skilled telecom engineer, embarked on a transformative journey from the corporate world to purposeful living. Choosing a path less traveled, he founded an oil processing unit where tradition meets innovation. With expertise in telecom, he transitioned to mastering the art of cold press technology, extracting oils that preserve optimal nutrition. Supported by his wife, a nutritionist and yoga teacher, their venture flourished. Together, they ensure each bottle is brimming with health benefits. Harshal's transition reflects his commitment to holistic living, making waves not only in the realm of healthy oils but also inspiring others to pursue meaningful, fulfilling lives.

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